Study Space

Group Study Rooms

  • Rooms are booked in 1 hour increments
  • You can book up to two 1-hour slots in one booking 
  • Separate bookings by the same person must be six-hours apart
  • Rooms are available to book each day starting at 12:01am for the current day. No advance bookings are available
  • You will receive an e-mail to confirm your time slot – you must confirm your booking to get the room!! Keep your e-mail confirmation (you can use this to kindly ask groups to vacate if necessary)
  • Not available to alumni or community borrowers
  • Book your study room:

Terms of Use for Group Study Rooms

  • Group study rooms are not for use by individuals. Individuals studying alone will be required to vacate the room
  • Please book an appropriately sized room for your group. Groups larger than the designated room capacity will be required to vacate the room
  • Please clean up your mess
  • Please respect the space or you could be prosecuted! Don’t deface walls or desks!
  • Report any problems to the Library’s Ask Us desk on the 1st floor
  • Library staff can ask you to vacate the room at any time

Research Carrels

  • Semester assignments
  • For registered graduate students
  • Apply at the Ask Us desk

Study Offices

  • Semester assignments for graduate students
  • 1 assignment per degree
  • Duration of the leave, to a maximum of one year for faculty and librarians (including contractually limited appointments) on study or research leave
  • Online study office application

Student Accessibility Services Study Rooms

  • 3 hour loans
  • SAS offices may be booked 24 hours in advance
  • Students must present a SAS ID card issued at the SAS office in the University Centre
  • Bookings are done at the Ask Us desk
  • SAS study offices are located on the 6th floor