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— President Alastair Summerlee

The University of Guelph Library
From Information to Knowledge

When you give to the Library, you support an essential resource for University of Guelph students, faculty and staff, and people around the world who pursue excellence in academic scholarship and research.

Our family of donors includes individuals, corporations and other organizations that support our mission through monetary gifts and by donating materials, such as personal book collections or other archival treasures.

We are very grateful for your generous support, which helps us to:

  • enrich and expand our collections, including our internationally renowned archival and special collections
  • keep up with the latest technology to ensure patrons can access new sources of information
  • renew physical spaces for sharing information and creating a sense of community, and
  • maintain our standing as one of the 120 top research libraries in North America.

Contributions to the Library benefit the more than 14,000 people who visit the McLaughlin Building and other locations on a busy day and the many thousands who visit our Web site.

There are many opportunities for giving to the Library. To learn more about our vision for the future and how you can make it happen, please contact us.