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Learning Services' handouts, written specifically for University of Guelph students, address topics such as managing time, learning effectively, preparing for exams, working in groups, making presentations, and using technology to enhance learning. We invite you to scroll down this page for a full list of the seventeen handouts which are online, or visit the Learning Commons on the first floor of the Library for print versions of the handouts.

Effective Learning

  • Concentration
    Learn how to identify, analyze, and reduce distractions, a key method for improving concentration.
  • Concept Mapping
    A graphical way of organizing your thoughts and showing how concepts are related or differentiated.
  • Learning from Lectures
    Newly revised! Learn about the pros and cons of using laptops in class, strategies for taking notes in different types of courses, and ideas for what to do with your notes after the lecture is over.
  • Learning from Textbooks
    Learn about active reading, the value of 'speed' reading, and how to deal with difficult texts.
  • SQ4R ... A Classic Method for Studying Texts
    A systematic approach for learning from texts in courses that emphasize a lot of factual information.
  • Reading from Computer Monitors
    Suggestions for reducing the eye strain of reading from computer monitors.

Time Management

  • Controlling Procrastination
    Learn to deal with the most common time management problem. Includes a range of practical strategies like making a molehill out of a mountain.
  • Making a Task List
    An award-winning handout that explains how to create an effective task list — probably the simplest, yet most effective, time management tool.
  • Effective Time Planning Strategies
    Great advice to help you make intelligent decisions about what to do and when it's best to do it.
  • Making Time Management Work for You
    Learn about the important process of monitoring, analyzing, and revising your time plan until it works.

Preparing for Exams

  • Exam Preparation
    A helpful list of study strategies and an overview of important steps such as time planning and preparing to study.
  • Multiple Choice Exams
    One of our most popular handouts, Multiple Choice Exams looks at both preparation and writing strategies, and gives advice for common problems with this exam format.
  • Short-Answer & Essay Exams
    Newly updated! Preparation and writing strategies for short-answer and essay exams.
  • Problem Solving Exams
    How to prepare effectively including strategies for organizing information, approaching problems, doing practice problems, solving difficult problems, writing the exam, and analyzing your exam performance.
  • Lab Exams
    This handout focuses on strategies to assist you when studying for lab exams. A special section on bell-ringer exams provides ideas to help you prepare for this unique exam format.

Working in Groups

Academic Presentations

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