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Writing Your First University Papers

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Writing Your First University Papers provides a general introduction to writing at the University of Guelph. It covers such areas as what is a university paper, what does your academic reader expect from your writing, what are some of the conventions of the different disciplines, what do you do before you begin writing, what does it mean to read critically and how do you structure your paper. The final section offers some useful references on writing university papers if you want to do some further reading on the subject.
Download Writing Your First University Paper PDF – 1.4mb)

Writing in the Sciences

Writing in the Sciences publication (JPG 11kb)

Writing in the Sciences is divided into two sections. The first section covers the types of writing that science students at the University of Guelph might be expected to produce. These include: lab reports, literature reviews, journal article critiques, poster presentations and abstracts. Details are provided on what type of information should be included in a particular piece of writing, and how this information should be organized. Some aspects of language use, such as tenses, are included. The second section focuses on some of the characteristics of scientific writing such as clarity, objectivity, and formality and how these can be achieved in your writing. Common writing problems such as sentence fragments and comma splices are also addressed.
Download Writing in the Sciences (PDF – 1.44mb)

Essay Writing in the Arts & Social Sciences

Writing in the Arts and Social Sciences publication (JPG 11kb)

Essay Writing in the Arts and Social Sciences is tailored especially for first-year students at the University of Guelph. It begins by examining two university papers from an actual course, one good, and one not so good, focussing on their strengths and weaknesses. Then it looks at all stages of the essay-writing process, with helpful tips, checklists, and resources, including a section devoted to doing research on the Internet. And because students write essays for specific courses, it goes on to analyse the different ways of thinking and writing in three kinds of essays: the textual analysis expected in literature, drama, or art; the evaluative essay in history or politics; and the research paper in social sciences such as sociology, psychology or family and consumer studies.
Download Writing in the Arts & Social Sciences (PDF – 1.19mb)

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