The largest renovation project in the Library’s history is underway, with construction beginning in early 2017. The renovation project includes significant enhancements to the Library’s second floor, and lower level. The project’s architectural firm is McCallum Sather and construction will be led by Aquicon Construction Co. Ltd.   

The second floor space will receive a major renewal that will include:

  • A new, expanded Archival & Special Collections Reading Room, a new seminar room, and a new exhibit space
  • A new Digital Scholarship Centre that will bring together services, programming, and expertise to support emerging forms of scholarship, and will complement the THINC Lab and the Branch Research Data Centre (BRDC), allowing for additional collaborative research
  • A media studio that will allow students and researchers alike access to multimedia production and editing technology and expertise
  • New study carrels
  • Additional group study rooms

The lower level will see an extensive renovation that includes:

  • The addition of increased compact storage for both Archival & Special Collections and general collections
  • A new Class-A environmental controls for Archival & Special Collections area
  • Updated study spaces and staff workspaces

The renovation also includes upgraded washrooms, the replacement of exterior windows throughout the Library, and the renewal of building environmental controls.


We’re in the process of confirming the timelines for the construction and will share more information as details are confirmed. For now, we can confirm the following:

Winter 2017

  • A portion of the second floor will be turned over to contractor to begin renovations and upgrades
  • Tables and chairs will be reallocated to the first and third floors to accommodate for the loss of seating on the second floor and the lower level

Summer 2017

  • The lower level and second floor will be shut down for construction
  • Branch Research Data Centre (BRDC) will be closed for the Summer
  • THINC Lab will be relocated to the third floor for the Summer

Once It's All Over

We’ll have:

  • An upgraded and expanded student study space
  • New furniture solutions, new carpeting, new lighting, and new ceilings on the lower level and second floor
  • New compact shelving, reducing the footprint for collections and increasing user space
  • A new Digital Scholarship Centre to support emerging forms of scholarship
  • A new Archival & Special Collections Reading Room, exhibit space, and seminar room, as well as expanded storage for special collections
  • A new multimedia studio
  • New windows throughout the building
  • Upgraded washrooms
  • Greater energy efficiency and overall improvements to building environmental controls


We wanted to hear what students thought about our study carrels, so we made a study carrel video!

Renovation News

Renovation Contacts

Questions about our renovations? Drop us a line!

Kelly Bertrand, Chair, Library Building Committee 
(519) 824-4120 x 53359

Kirk Sprague, Manager, Library Facilities 
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