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Author Rights, Copyright and Publishing

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Issue: Many authors give away the rights to their own scholarly work without realizing that many terms of a publishing agreement are negotiable.

The traditional publishing model involves an exchange of intellectual property rights for the prestige and exposure of publication. Many authors feel that publication is a service and should not entail a forfeiture of intellectual property rights. This loss of property rights also results in a loss of control over dissemination of these works.

Solution: New approaches to author rights are available.

New options are available to researchers which facilitate retention of rights as authors:

  • Modifying publishers' agreements on author rights and copyright by using the SPARC Author Addendum
  • Understanding the journal's policies on self-archiving which can enable you to provide an open access version of your work
  • Publishing with journals which have progressive copyright, access, and archiving policies. See RoMEO site for a directory of publishers' policies.
  • Searching out scholarly open-access journal publications for submission. Select from the thousands of journals listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

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