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L.W. Conolly Theatre Archives at Guelph

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Since 1969 the University of Guelph Library has assembled theatre collections, named L.W. Conolly Theatre Archives in 1999, focused on Bernard Shaw; modern Ontario theatre companies; and playwrights, actors, directors, and designers active in Ontario theatre life. During this time, the Library's commitment has grown significantly to the point that it has become the largest collection devoted to professional Canadian theater and Shaw related materials in Canada.

Currently, the theatre archives hold 130 collections and our electronic theatre guide provides access to these resources. The Preface explains the development of the Library's theatre archives; an Introduction sets out its focus and strengths; a main Guide section lists and briefly describes individual collections by number in the order of acquisition by the Library; and an Index lists collections alphabetically. Selected Images are displayed from collections.

The contents of theatre collections can be identified using keyword combinations and phrase searches on the Library's catalogue, Primo. Articles about some of the collections, originally published in 1988, are now available in Collection Update 11.

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