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Data Resource Centre

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The Data Resource Centre (DRC) is the central repository on campus for numeric/statistical and geospatial data. The DRC also provides Geographic Information System (GIS) and data analysis support as well as web surveys support.

The DRC provides the following services:

  • In-class instruction and online tutorials
  • Access to real-world data
  • Help analyzing data (both spatial and statistical)
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Help using GIS, statistical computing, and web survey software
  • Assistance creating assignments

The Data Resource Centre (DRC) is a collaborative effort of the Library and Computing and Communications Services (CCS).

Location and Hours

The DRC is located on the first floor of McLaughlin Library. DRC facilities are open during regular building hours. The DRC is staffed regularly; please check the Library's Service Hours for this week's schedule.

Getting One-On-One Help

Drop-in help is available; please check the Library's Services Hours for this week's schedule. Ask questions or request an appointment by sending an email to

Data Access


519–824–4120 ext. 56417