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Interlibrary Loan

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Use these services to obtain items from other libraries. Services are free to University students, staff, and faculty. There are fees for alumni and community borrowers. Alumni and community borrowers wishing to use the Interlibrary Loan service will be charged a minimum $25.00 plus handling charges.

When an article request is completed using RACER, requesters will be emailed a link to an electronic copy of their requested article, if licensing permits. Otherwise, if licensing prohibits electronic copies, a paper copy will be provided.

Electronic fulfillment reduces turnaround time for article delivery and the amount of paper used for this service.

Holds & Recalls

This is a request service free to all University of Guelph students, faculty, staff, and retirees. This service is used to place requests for Tri-University items to be sent to the TUG pickup location of your choice.

To place a hold or recall on a book:

  • Search Primo to locate the item you want
  • Select the "Locations" tab
  • Note whether the Status of the item is "Available" or "Out of library", then select "Requests" tab
  • Click the link "Sign in to place a Hold or Recall"
  • If the item is "In Library", select Hold; if it's "On Loan", select "Recall", then follow the instructions to complete your request
  • Books will be delivered to the pickup location of your choice within three business days, unless the item is on loan
  • Note: Alumni and Community Borrowers are eligible to place holds on "In Library" items. Recalls are not permitted on items "On Loan"
  • Note: Special instructions for open learners and distant education students


RACER is an article and book delivery service free to all University of Guelph students, faculty, staff, and retirees.

Delivery may take 3 to 4 business days; most items from Canadian libraries arrive within 2 weeks. International requests can take longer. Electronic fulfillment is faster when licensing permits.

Use this service to obtain books not owned by one of the Tri-University Libraries.

Use this service to obtain articles that are not in the McLaughlin Library stacks or electronically accessible.

To place an article request in Primo:

  • Search Primo to locate the journal by title
  • If the volume is not available at Guelph select the 'RACER Request' tab or the 'Details' tab, select 'Request an article via RACER', and follow the instructions to complete your request

At the RACER login, enter your University ID barcode as the login and your last name (lower case) as your password.

If you do not find the item you're seeking, choose "Blank Request Form" and complete the form.

More RACER information

Connect to RACER

Branchement à RACER

Copyright & ILL

Copies of articles or documents provided through this interlibrary loan service are made according to the limits specified under Canadian Copyright Law, and the University's Fair Dealing Policy. Generally this means that you may request a single copy of one article from one journal issue, or more than one article provided the total number of pages does not exceed 10% of the issue. Also, submission of the interlibrary loan request constitutes agreement that the materials received will be used by you solely for the purpose of research, private study, criticism, review or news reporting. If used by you for review, criticism or news reporting, you must credit the source, as well as the name of the author of the work. If your request does not meet the above requirements, and a legal copy is not commercially available, you will be advised that your request cannot be filled.

Copyright at the University of Guelph Library

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