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Assessment Plan

The Strategic Assessment Committee developed the following plan to set a direction for library assessment projects, both formative and summative. See Assessment & User Experience to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Assessment Plans

A list of assessment projects
Project NameDescription and PurposeNotes
Library Workshops-Demographics Dashboard

This project is a collaboration between the library and Institutional Research & Planning to match library workshop data with anonymized Registrar data. The goal is to gain a clearer picture of which students are accessing library academic and professional skills support-- by academic program, college, and year of study. The data will be used to identify gaps, contribute to library planning, and provide better reporting for assessment and accreditation. 

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices

  • On pause
Data Inventory

An updated inventory containing all the data library teams are collecting will help us: 

  • get a sense of the scope of data collection work in the library
  • support the rationalization of data collection
  • identify opportunities for inter-team connections 

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices

  • Complete - Fall 2022
Library Consultations –Student + Patron Demographics dashboard

This project follows a similar model as the Library Workshops-Demographics Dashboard Project. We will work with Institutional Research and Planning to integrate our data with student data resulting in a Tableau dashboard to help us: 

  • gain a library-wide picture about which students (programs/ year of study etc.) are booking consultations
  • ask and answer library-wide and individual team questions about our consultation services

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices 

  • On pause
Centralize Data

The goal of this project is to have one place where all data is stored from all library teams. A place where anyone with permissions could access the data at any time in an easy, accessible, user-friendly way. This would help support evidence-based decision-making.

The technical decisions and processes for this project may fall outside our direct influence so we envision collaborating with Library and Central IT. 

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices 

  • Complete - Fall 2022
Longitudinal Survey

What did we lose when we stopped using LibQual?  

Many libraries with good reputations in the assessment world issue annual or biennial surveys to check-in with users and get a longitudinal picture of the library overall. The results would provide a baseline to help us make informed decisions, and give us ideas of where we need to do further exploration through more focused assessment and/or UX studies.  

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices; Foster an Inclusive and Engaged Staff Culture; Contribute to Strategic Campus Initiatives 

  • Coming soon!
Reimagining External Reporting Workflows

This project hopes to make the process of external data reporting more streamlined. This could include a single common spreadsheet which shows: 

  • timelines of when data is due  
  • who is responsible for collecting the data (and inputting it into the spreadsheet) 
  • where data is being reported 
  • definitions of what data is required 

Strategic Priorities: Foster an Inclusive and Engaged Staff Culture.

  • In progress - Winter 2023
Annual Team Reports

Creating annual team reports could be a way to think about each team’s work holistically, especially with teams that have their own silos. The reports could help us:

  • highlight data and storytelling 
  • communicate strengths as well as challenges 
  • explore changes as they happen 
  • prioritize projects 
  • work towards common goals 
  • support and inform strategic planning to set meaningful objectives 

Strategic Priorities: Foster an Inclusive and Engaged Staff Culture 

  • Coming soon!
Stories of Impact

How can we gather and keep track of the stories of how staff made a difference for users, and what can we do with these stories? How can we tap into insights beyond the metrics we collect quantitatively?

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices; Contribute to Strategic Campus Initiatives 

  • Coming soon!
Data Sharing with University Colleges

How might we support reciprocal relations with the Colleges by proactively sharing data and insights about how we support students and faculty with each of them?  How can they share data and insights about their student needs that could inform our programming?  

This could include:  

  • creating short, tailored reports (or other means of communications) about how we are supporting their particular students 
  • finding out what they want to know from us and in turn working to collect that data, if appropriate 
  • Colleges, in exchange, sharing insights with us  

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices; Contribute to Strategic Campus Initiatives 

  • Coming soon!
Reporting Learning Objects

This project would entail further discussions around how we report learning objects. This project is inter-connected with a number of other topics including findability, Accessibility, and library branding.

Strategic Priorities: Adopt Evidence-based Practices 

  • In progress - Winter 2023
The library is committed to ensuring that members of our user community with disabilities have equal access to our services and resources and that their dignity and independence is always respected. If you encounter a barrier and/or need an alternate format, please fill out our Library Print and Multimedia Alternate-Format Request Form. Contact us if you’d like to provide feedback: lib.a11y@uoguelph.ca