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Digital Strategies & Technology

The Digital Strategies & Technology team provide information technology services that support the Library and our user community. The team is responsible for:

  • Management, purchasing, and maintenance of hardware, software, services, and licenses
  • IT and digital project management, development, customization, and integration of library systems
  • Support for library systems and technology used in research, teaching and learning

User Experience

The User Experience Team conducts research with users to improve the quality of the library. We explore all aspects of the library; our website, our services, our spaces, and more. We also make all our reports available to the public.

Digital Strategies & Technology Staff

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List of Digital Strategies & Technology staff
First Name Last Name Title
Robin Bergart Assessment & User Experience Librarian
Adam Doan Systems Architect and Development
Bill Halahan Systems Analyst
Doug Horne Interim Head Digital Strategies & Technology
Juliene McLaughlin User Experience Librarian
Randy Oldham Digital Initiatives Librarian
Matt Van Ast Analyst III Systems Developer
Ken Van Braeckel System Support Technician
Ron Ward Senior Research Officer
Stephen Wilkinson System Support Technician