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Learning Services

Learning Services supports students at all levels as they strive to become independent, resilient, and strategic learners. We support instructors and campus partners in their efforts to help students develop academic skills and make academic transitions.

Services for students

Learning Services is a central hub on campus for providing information, tools, workshops, and individual appointments to undergraduate and graduate students in these areas:

  • Planning time, setting goals, and maintaining motivation
  • Managing procrastination
  • Building academic resilience and coping with failure and stress
  • Making successful transitions to new academic environments
  • Preparing for exams and tests, including multiple choice
  • Reading and note-taking
  • Giving academic presentations and thesis defenses
  • Designing and presenting academic posters
  • Working effectively in groups

Learn more about our services by visiting Studying Resources and Workshops.

Core programs

Services for instructors and campus partners

Learning Services assists instructors and campus partners in their efforts to enhance student learning and academic performance. Services include:

  • Customized, in-class instruction
  • Customized training for teaching assistants and student leaders
  • Consultation services for the collaborative development of course activities, assignments, learning outcomes, and assessment tools.

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Learning Services Staff

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List of staff who work in Learning Services
First Name Last Name Title
Chen Chen Learning Specialist
Michelina Crosbie Learning Specialist
Jason Dodd Science Learning Specialist and Student Athlete Mentor Program Coordinator
Victoria Fritz Learning Specialist
Kimm Khagram Learning Specialist
Heather Mitchell Learning Specialist
Joannah O'Hatnick Manager, Learning Services