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Learning Services

Learning Services supports students at all levels as they strive to become independent, resilient, and strategic learners. We help students to meet their academic goals, whether those goals involve developing academic skills, understanding how to study in a particular course, managing time and themselves, or getting higher marks.  We engage students through services and resources designed to enhance academic performance and cultivate the habits of mind critical to effective learning, academic success, and personal fulfillment.  

We also support faculty and TAs in their efforts to help students to acquire the transferable and disciplinary skills which underpin success in the learning environments of their programs and courses. 

Services for undergraduate students

Learning Services helps students in all programs to develop the skills and study strategies they need to learn effectively and excel academically. We provide free information, tools, workshops, and individual coaching on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Time planning and controlling procrastination
  • Preparing for exams and tests, including multiple choice
  • Presentation and speaking skills
  • Making and presenting posters
  • Listening and taking notes in lectures
  • Reading textbooks and scholarly articles
  • Working effectively in groups
  • Transitioning from high school to university-level learning.

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Services for graduate students

Learning Services’ professional staff work extensively with graduate students to enhance the academic and professional skills vital for advanced study, including:

  • Planning time, setting goals, and meeting deadlines
  • Completing thesis projects
  • Balancing work with life demands
  • Managing procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome
  • Giving academic presentations
  • Designing and presenting posters
  • Reading critically
  • Working effectively in groups.

Workshops are offered each semester and individual consultations are available by appointment.  Book a free, confidential consultation.

Services for faculty & instructors

Learning Services assists faculty and TAs in their efforts to enhance student learning and academic performance. Our extensive contact and special relationship with students, from first year to graduate school, give us unique insight into how students learn, and what pedagogical strategies and curricula can enhance the learning process. We welcome opportunities to share this experience with faculty, TAs, or committees.  Services include:

  • Customized, in-class instruction
  • Consultation services for the collaborative development of course activities, assignments, learning outcomes, and assessment tools.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you or your TAs to enhance your students’ learning, performance, and skill development in areas such as:

  • Effective group work
  • Presentation skills
  • Designing and presenting posters
  • Critical reading
  • Exam preparation (including integrative, oral, and comprehensive exams)
  • Time management and project management
  • Controlling procrastination and perfectionism
  • And much more.

Learning Services Staff

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List of staff who work in Learning Services
First Name Last Name Title
Jason Dodd Science Learning Specialist and Student Athlete Mentorship Program Coordinator (on leave)
Victoria Fritz Learning Specialist
Heather Mitchell Learning Specialist and Engineering Peer Helper Co-Supervisor
Joannah O'Hatnick Interim Manager, Learning Services
Shannon Rushe Learning Specialist and Learning Peer Helper Supervisor