Learning & Curriculum Support

The Learning & Curriculum Support team advances the educational enterprise of the University and the mandate of the Library by enhancing learning through the provision of expertise, leadership, services, and resources that support academic objectives and foster lifelong learning.

This team's goals are to design and deliver a range of services in learning, writing, numeracy, technology, and information, data and spatial literacies in order to enhance student engagement, retention, and the timely completion of programs.

The Learning & Curriculum Support team is comprised of several sub-teams:

Learning & Curriculum Support Staff

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List of staff who work in Learning & Curriculum Support
First Namesort descending Last Name Title
Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy Acting Manager, Information Literacy
Jason Dodd Science Learning Specialist & Co-ordinator, Student Athlete Mentorship Program
Joannah O'Hatnick Learning Specialist and Engineering Peer Helper Co-Supervisor
Jodie Salter Acting Manager, Writing Services
Kaleigh Johnson-Cover Supported Learning Groups Program Assistant
Karen Nicholson Manager, Information Literacy
Kim Garwood Acting Head, Learning & Curriculum Support