Library Administration Services

The Director, Library Administration Services contributes to the overall strategy of the library and oversees the following teams:

Library Administration Services Staff

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List of staff who work in Library Administration Services
First Name Last Name Email Address Extension Team Title
Krishma Arora 53437 Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff
Matthew Blong Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff
Naveen Butt 52332 Library Human Resources & Administration Administrative Assistant
Sheryl Cantlon 52159 Library Human Resources & Administration Executive Assistant to CIO
Mitch Eden 54484 Facilities Services Facilities Supervisor
Chris Grey 519-821-7946 Annex Library Assistant, TUG Annex
Katherine Hauser 53437 Facilities Services Building Support
Daniel Irvine 519-821-7946 Annex Coordinator, TUG Annex
Emily Jones 54215 Communications & Marketing Manager, Communications (on leave)
Pavneet Kaur Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff