Research & Scholarship

The Research & Scholarship team supports and contributes to the work of researchers and research teams on campus. The Research & Scholarship team offers these services to you, the researcher.

  • Author rights, copyright, and publishing
  • Open scholarship support
  • Research synthesis reviews including, literature, scoping, and systematic reviews
  • Research metrics including bibliometrics and altmetrics
  • Researcher IDs
  • Online exhibition support
  • Data collection and creation including support for field research
  • Access to data resources including numeric, geospatial, and researcher data
  • Data analysis including quantitative, qualitative, and geospatial
  • Data visualization
  • Research data management and preservation

Research & Scholarship Staff

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List of staff who work in Research & Scholarship
First Name Last Name Title
Carrie Breton Repository Analyst
Lucia Costanzo DRC Analyst (on secondment)
Pam Jacobs Research & Scholarship Librarian
Wayne Johnston Research & Scholarship Librarian
Teresa Lewitzky Data Resources Centre Associate
Paula Martin Data Resources Centre Associate
Jennifer Marvin Research & Scholarship Librarian
Christopher Popovich Research & Scholarship Librarian
Michael Prashad Data Analyst II
Quin Shirk-Luckett DRC Analyst III
Ali Versluis Acting Head, Research & Scholarship