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Staff Directory

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List of Library Administration Services staff
First Name Last Name Email Address Extension Team Title
Kevin Zavitz kzavitz@uoguelph.ca 56391 Library Human Resources & Administration Manager, Library Finance
Darlene Wiltsie dwiltsie@uoguelph.ca 52090 Archives Associate
Stephen Wilkinson swilkins@uoguelph.ca 53939 Information Technology Services System Support Technician
Cameron Wheaton wheatonc@uoguelph.ca ERM Librarian
Ron Ward rward@uoguelph.ca 56574 Senior Research Officer
Valerie Walker vwalke02@uoguelph.ca Writing Services English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) Specialist
Ali Versluis versluis@uoguelph.ca 54214 Open Education Resources Librarian
Ken Van Braeckel kvanbrae@uoguelph.ca 52290 Information Technology Services System Support Technician
Matt Van Ast mvanast@uoguelph.ca 52747 Analyst III Systems Developer
Ken Turriff kturriff@uoguelph.ca Communications & Marketing Manager, Communications & Marketing
Betty Stoumbos bstoumbo@uoguelph.ca 52303 Facilities Services Library Assistant
Hana Storova hstorova@uoguelph.ca 53309 Electronic Resources and Metadata Librarian (On leave)
Jason Stanlick jstanlic@uoguelph.ca 519-821-7946 Collection Maintenance Library Assistant
Paul St-Pierre pstpierr@uoguelph.ca 53606 Collections & Content Librarian for Sciences
Kirk Sprague ksprague@uoguelph.ca 53602 Facilities Services Manager, Facilities Services
Romie Smith rsmith@uoguelph.ca Communications & Marketing Web Library Associate
Adele Small adele.small@guelphhumber.ca 416-798-1331 x6299 CIO Assistant Guelph-Humber
Leonor Sivanadian lsivanad@uoguelph.ca 53601 Collections Maintenance Library Assistant
Quin Shirk-Luckett qshirklu@uoguelph.ca 54965 Data Resource Centre DRC Analyst III
Ashley Shifflett McBrayne shifflet@uoguelph.ca 52090 Archives Associate
Curtis Sassur csassur@uoguelph.ca Head, Archival & Special Collections
Jodie Salter jsalter@uoguelph.ca 53373 Writing Services Writing Specialist and Writing Peer Helper Supervisor
Helen Salmon hsalmon@uoguelph.ca 52121 Collections & Content Librarian
Robin Sakowski rsakowsk@uoguelph.ca 52301 Access Services Manager, Access Services
Lindsey Robinson lindseyr@uoguelph.ca 54886 Digital Learning Specialist
Sandra Reginato sreginat@uoguelph.ca 53422 Library Human Resources & Administration Manager, Library Human Resources & Administration
Mary Purdy mpurdy@uoguelph.ca 52082 E-Reserve Library Assistant
Michael Prashad prashadm@uoguelph.ca Data Resource Centre Data Analyst II
Christopher Popovich popovicc@uoguelph.ca 53251 Research & Scholarship Librarian
Lizabeth Pirstl lpirstl@uoguelph.ca 53618 Access Services Access Services Assistant, Circulation Service
Carol Perry carolp@uoguelph.ca 52088 Research & Scholarship Librarian
Susan Pennings spenning@uoguelph.ca 53601 Coordinator Acquisitions
Melanie Parlette-Stewart mparlett@uoguelph.ca Head, Learning & Curriculum Support
Randy Oldham roldham@uoguelph.ca Digital Initiatives Librarian
Joannah O'Hatnick johatnic@uoguelph.ca 52330 Learning Services Manager, Learning Services
Karen Nicholson kanichol@uoguelph.ca 54394 Information Literacy Manager, Information Literacy (on leave)
Norma Nemett nnemett@uoguelph.ca 53601 Collections Maintenance Library Assistant
Tiffany Murphy tmurph04@uoguelph.ca 53142 Communications & Marketing Communications Officer
Brian Mota bmota@uoguelph.ca 53618 Library Associate, Electronic Resources & Metadata
Heather Mitchell hmitch03@uoguelph.ca 52330 Learning Services Learning Specialist
Emily Mininger emininge@uoguelph.ca Communications & Marketing Communications Specialist
Brian McMullen bmcmulle@uoguelph.ca 519-821-7946 Annex Library Assistant, TUG Annex
Juliene McLaughlin mclaug01@uoguelph.ca 58434 Access Services User Experience Librarian
Lorilyn McKenzie mckenzie@uoguelph.ca 53621 E-Learning Coordinator
Barbara McDonald barbara.mcdonald@uoguelph.ca 58526 Collections & Content Librarian
Melissa McAfee mamcafee@uoguelph.ca 58927 Special Collections Librarian
Jennifer Marvin jmarvin@uoguelph.ca 56087 Data Resource Centre Acting Head, Research & Scholarship
Suyen Martinez De Ocon smartine@uoguelph.ca 53618 Access Services Access Services Assistant, Circulation Service
Heather Martin martin@uoguelph.ca 54701 E-Learning & Reserves Manager and Copyright Officer
Paula Martin paulam@uoguelph.ca 54295 Data Resource Centre Data Resources Centre Associate
Gillian Manford manfordg@uoguelph.ca Special Collections Clerk
Teresa Lewitzky tlewitzk@uoguelph.ca 54660 Data Resource Centre Data Resources Centre Associate
Yoonhee Lee yoonhee@uoguelph.ca Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian
Lenore Latta llatta@uoguelph.ca 56209 Writing Services Acting Manager, Writing Services
Flora Laird flaird@uoguelph.ca Administrative Assistant
Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy jkreller@uoguelph.ca 54539 Information Literacy Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian
Ira Kosloff ikosloff@uoguelph.ca 53437/53566 Facilities Services Building Support Staff
Ryan Kirkby rkirkby@uoguelph.ca 52090 Project Archivist
Kimm Khagram kkhagram@uoguelph.ca 53891 Learning Services Learning Specialist
Nadia Keating nkeating@uoguelph.ca 53601 Collections Maintenance Library Assistant
Pavneet Kaur pavneet@uoguelph.ca Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff
Emily Jones ejones18@uoguelph.ca 54215 Communications & Marketing Manager, Communications (on leave)
Wayne Johnston wajohnst@uoguelph.ca 56900 Research & Scholarship Librarian
Jillian Jaworski jjaworsk@uoguelph.ca 53891 Supported Learning Groups Learning Specialist
Pam Jacobs pjacobs@uoguelph.ca 56802 Research & Scholarship Librarian
Daniel Irvine dirvin02@uoguelph.ca 519-821-7946 Annex Coordinator, TUG Annex
Dave Hudson dhudson@uoguelph.ca 58221 Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian
Doug Horne dhorne@uoguelph.ca 52322 Interim Head Digital Strategies & Technology
Brooke Hiemstra bhiemstr@uoguelph.ca 53562 Library Accessibility Services Library Assistant Accessibility Services Technician
Kathryn Harvey kaharvey@uoguelph.ca 52089 Archivist
Chelsea Hartlen chartlen@uoguelph.ca Writing Services Writing Specialist
Bill Halahan bhalahan@uoguelph.ca 52085 Information Technology Services Systems Analyst
Nada Hafez nhafez@uoguelph.ca 52321 Data Resource Centre Data Analyst II
Chris Grey chrisg@uoguelph.ca 519-821-7946 Annex Library Assistant, TUG Annex
Rebecca Graham rebecca.graham@uoguelph.ca 52181 Library Human Resources & Administration University Librarian
Catherine Gracey cgracey@uoguelph.ca Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff
Athol Gow agow@uoguelph.ca 52312 Library Accessibility Services Manager, Library Accessibility Services
Ian Gibson igibso01@uoguelph.ca Head, Collections & Content
Sarah Gibbons sgibbo03@uoguelph.ca 54878 Writing Services Writing Specialist and Writing Support GSA Supervisor (On Leave)
Victoria Fritz vfritz@uoguelph.ca 53849 Learning Services Learning Specialist
Sara Faulhafer sfaulhaf@uoguelph.ca Access Services Access Services Assistant, Circulation Service
Amanda Etches etches@uoguelph.ca 54219 Associate University Librarian, Research
Iman El Gamal ielgamal@uoguelph.ca 57027 E-Resources and Metadata Librarian
Mitch Eden edenm@uoguelph.ca 54484 Facilities Services Facilities Supervisor
Meghan Ecclestone meccle@uoguelph.ca 53893 Collections & Content Librarian
Jason Dodd jdodd@uoguelph.ca 58114 Learning Services Science Learning Specialist and Student Athlete Mentor Program Coordinator
Adam Doan doana@uoguelph.ca 52974 Systems Architect and Development
Bobbie Dawkins bdawkins@uoguelph.ca 52237 Access Services Senior Access Services Assistant Interlibrary Services
Lucia Costanzo lcostanz@uoguelph.ca 56328 Data Resource Centre DRC Analyst (on secondment)
Emily Clark emclark@uoguelph.ca Access Services Access Services Assistant, Circulation Service
Chen Chen cchen19@uoguelph.ca Learning Services Learning Specialist
Melanie Cassidy cmelanie@uoguelph.ca 54055 Information Literacy Learning & Curriculum Support Librarian
Lara Carleton carletol@uoguelph.ca 52090 Special Collections Clerk
Sheryl Cantlon scantlon@uoguelph.ca 52159 Library Human Resources & Administration Executive Assistant to CIO
Naveen Butt nbutt@uoguelph.ca 52332 Library Human Resources & Administration Administrative Assistant
Graham Burt gburt@uoguelph.ca Library Associate
Juanita Burnett juanita@uoguelph.ca Access Services Stack Maintenance
Andrea Bungay abungay@uoguelph.ca Electronic Resource Management Library Associate
Amy Buckland buckland@uoguelph.ca 53877 Head, Research & Scholarship (on leave)
Bev Buckie bbuckie@uoguelph.ca 52090 Archives Associate
Kailey Brisbin kfallis@uoguelph.ca 53451 Electronic Resources & Metadata Librarian
Carrie Breton bretonc@uoguelph.ca 53321 Repository Analyst
Robert Bowman rbowman@uoguelph.ca 52082 E-Reserve Library Assistant
Shannon Bolton sbolto01@uoguelph.ca 53618 Access Services Stack Maintenance
Tannis Bolton communications.coop@uoguelph.ca Communications & Marketing Communications Officer Co-op Student
Matthew Blong blongm@uoguelph.ca Facilities Services Facilities Support Staff
Carlea Blight blightc@uoguelph.ca Media Studio Technician
Nancy Birch nbirch@uoguelph.ca 416-798-1331 x6080 Department Head, Library Services, Guelph-Humber
Kelly Bertrand kbertran@uoguelph.ca 53359 Director Administrative Services
Robin Bergart rbergart@uoguelph.ca 54094 Assessment & User Experience Librarian
Sarah Beaubien sbeaubie@uoguelph.ca Associate University Librarian, Academic
Paula Barton pbarton@uoguelph.ca 53490 Government Publications and Collections Maintenance Library Associate
Haima Bali communications.coop@uoguelph.ca Communications & Marketing Communications Officer, Co-op Student
Natalie Apelian napelian@uoguelph.ca 53618 Access Services Access Services Assistant, Circulation Service
Sandra Ancic sancic@uoguelph.ca 56221 Manager, Acquisitions and Electronic Resources
Amber Allen aallen07@uoguelph.ca Access Services Access Services Associate