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Donation Policy

McLaughlin Library Donations Policy

Original Approval Date: March 2011

Date of Most Recent Review/Revision: October 2017

Responsible Office: University Librarian

1.0 General

1.1 The library accepts selected donations of archival and special collections material only.

1.2 Priority will be given to items which are unique, rare, have significant provenance or those that complete or complement existing collections, especially in the following areas:

  • Agricultural History and Rural Heritage
  • Canadian Culinary
  • Landscape Architecture
  • LM Montgomery
  • LW Conolly Theatre Archives
  • Regional and Campus History (pre-1964)
  • Scottish Studies

2.0 Process for Accepting Gifts

2.1 Contact:

For archival donations:

Curtis Sassur
Head, Archival & Special Collections | Library

For book donations:

Melissa McAfee
Special Collections Librarian | Library

2.2 The library cannot accept items dropped off without prior arrangement with one of the above.

2.3 If the collection being offered is deemed to be of interest to the library, the donor will be asked to provide a full description (an itemized list) of their intended donation so that it can be fully considered. The library may undertake an on-site evaluation of the collection before a determination to accept can be made.

3.0 Process for Evaluating Gifts

3.1 The Head, Archival & Special Collections will evaluate gift collections which have been provisionally accepted by the library, and will make the final decision as to which individual items within the collection will be added.

NOTE: The University of Guelph’s Gift Policy is currently under review and, if required, the Library Donations Policy will be adjusted accordingly.

3.2  Monetary appraisals may be completed for donations requiring a tax receipt. These are based on fair market value, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations. Where a charitable tax receipt is provided, CRA guidelines permit qualified personnel within the library to appraise items valued at $1,000 or less. Donations valued at under $1000 will be appraised by the Head, Archival & Special Collections or designate. If the value is greater than $1,000, an external appraisal is required from one or more qualified appraisers. Note that the library does not issue tax receipts for donations under $200. To ensure independent appraisal integrity, the library will arrange for the appraisal.

4.0 Terms of Acceptance

4.1 Donors are required to sign a deed of gift or donor form at the time the donation is transferred to the library.

4.2 Once accepted, donations are irrevocable and become the property of the McLaughlin Library.

4.3 If, at any time, gifts are de-accessioned, they will be disposed of in the manner considered most appropriate by the Head, Archival & Special Collections, and in accordance with donor agreements.

4.4 Donated materials may be acknowledged through a note added to the library catalogue record or other public finding aids.

4.5 Tax certificates will be issued by the University of Guelph in accordance with regulations set out in the Income Tax Act and other relevant legislation. Tax receipts are not necessarily issued in the same year as the donation is made.