High School Students

Affiliated with a local high school and interested in becoming a High School borrower? Visit the Ask Us desk to get your complete a High School borrower card application.

  • Please provide a letter from your school with the contact information of your Principal and/or your teacher
  • High School borrower accounts expire May 30th of the current school year
  • High School borrowers can also apply for guest access to the Campus Wireless Network in the Library

Unfortunately, the University of Guelph Library does not offer library instruction to high school classes. While high school students can visit the library on their own, please be advised that priority is given to current students, faculty, and staff, and access to space and resources could be limited.

For high school teachers interested in library support, the Guelph Public Library offers tours and information sessions to assist with your students’ research needs. For more information, please contact Ben Robinson or Meg Forestell.

There are a number of events run by various University of Guelph departments specifically for high school students that will provide an opportunity to experience the University:

  • Science Olympics
    A contest for high school students to compete against each other in such areas as Chemistry, Physics, Computing, etc
  • Interaction Conference
    A full day conference for university bound grade 10 and 11 students, and to provide them with the opportunity to learn more about academic disciplines and student services.
  • Reach Ahead Days
    Offers students an opportunity to experience post-secondary education and explore different academic opportunities.

Resources for High School Teachers

The Library has developed two resources to help highschool teachers prepare their students for the transition to university: