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Writing, Research Assistance, & English Language Support

Working with Data

  • Working with Data

    Working with Data

    Find & Collect Data

    • Find the datasets you need for your assignment, research project, thesis, or dissertation
    • Create your own survey using Qualtrics
    • Learn how to collect data from the web using web scraping and APIs

    GIS & Maps

    • Find and analyze geospatial data
    • Create maps using ArcGIS

    Data Analysis

    • Select and use the right statistical software for your needs
    • Understand statistical tests
    • Analyze qualitative or quantitative data
    • Design experiments
    • We support MATLAB, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Nvivo

    Data Visualization

    • Create a chart, table, graph, or infographic
    • We can provide helpful critiques of your visualizations
    • Learn to use Tableau, Excel, Gephi, R, Voyant, and others

    Research Data Management

    • Create a plan that describes how your research data will be collected, managed, and preserved throughout the research life cycle

    Please note: If you need help acquiring or installing software, visit the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) supported products page.

Studying, Time Management, & Presentation Skills

  • Time Management & Procrastination

    Time Management & Procrastination

    Studying and Exam Preparation

    • Prepare for many different types of exams, including multiple choice
    • Read textbooks and scholarly articles more effectively
    • Take better notes and study efficiently
    • Improve your memory and concentration
    • Work more effectively in groups

    Time Management & Procrastination

    • Plan and use your time effectively
    • Control procrastination and perfectionism, and complete your assignments, thesis, or program on time

    Presentation Skills

    • Enhance your presentation skills, including strategies for managing nervousness
    • Practice your presentation and receive feedback from professional staff
    • Design and present academic posters

    Find more information about consultations, including the topics we address and consultations for faculty, TAs, and staff.

    Looking for a Tutor?

    Meet with us first! Sometimes, adjusting your study strategies can make a big difference and hiring a tutor isn't necessary. If you're certain you need a tutor, Tutoring at Guelph maintains a database of student tutors. There is a fee for this service.

Publishing & Author Support

  • Publishing & Author Support

    Publishing & Author Support

    Author Rights​

    • Ready to publish? We can help you keep your rights as authors and help you sort out the world of copyright, intellectual property, and author addenda

    Share & Publish Your Research​

    • We can give you the inside track on publishing in traditional journals, open access publishing, and other publishing formats (social media, podcasts, etc.)​
    • Host an online open access journal

    Preserve Your Research

    Track Your Research Impact​

    • Create researcher identifiers such as ORCID and ResearcherID ​
    • Analyze the impact of your published research

    Digital Scholarship Support

    • Create a website, online exhibit, or other digital project
    • Choose and use the right specialized software to meet your needs
    • Create accessible web content
    • Scripting and debugging
    • Database design

    Open Educational Resources​ (OER)

    • Find, evaluate, and curate openly licensed textbooks, media, modules, and other educational resources for integration into your class
    • Migrate self-published materials into Pressbooks publishing software

Archival & Special Collections

Library Accessibility Services

  • Library Accessibility Services

    Library Accessibility Services

    Library Accessibility Services (LAS) is a service for students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

    We provide adaptive technology access and instruction, accessible study space, and other services designed to help with reading, writing, note-taking, and studying.

    Book an appointment or contact us:

    Phone: 519-824-4120 ext 52312


    Drop in to the LAS area on the first floor of the Library during our staffed hours.

    Learn more about how the Library supports accessibility for all users with disabilities.

  • Alternate-Format Text and Multimedia

    Alternate-Format Text and Multimedia

    Brooke Hiemstra provides:

    • Course textbooks and readings in alternate formates (e.g., digitized text, audio books, Braille, and tactile images)
    • Captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions for course-based audio-visual materials
  • Access Technology

    Access Technology

    Athol Gow provides:

    • Library Accessibility Services orientation for new students
    • Training in the use of access technology, software, and mobile apps that support reading, writing, note-taking, and studying
    • Digital recorder, smart pen, and tablet loans

Media Studio

  • Media


    • Get help with your digital media project, such as a video or podcast
    • Book time in Media Studio:

      • Filming Studio
      • Editing Stations
      • Sound Booth

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