Théâtre Français de Toronto


In 1967, John Van Burek founded the Théâtre du P'tit Bonheur, which performed in the basement of a church in Toronto. It did not turn professional until 1973. After an exponential expansion, the company moved to Adelaide Court, and then to Maurier Theatre Center one year later in 1987, when it also changed its name to Théâtre Français de Toronto.

Since 1967, Théâtre Français de Toronto has enjoyed large crowds for its 200+ performances of French centered works. It produces plays from Canada, France, and other international destinations. In October 2016, Théâtre Français de Toronto joined forces with Pleiades Theatre to produce Tomson Highway's The (Post)Mistress in both French and English. It has also been offering English subtitles since 2005, and performing shows geared toward younger audiences. 

This company is still in operation today.

This collection offers performance files, programs, press releases, technical drawings, designs, and administrative files. 


30 m of textual and other materials. 

Type(s) Of Materials: 
Published Material
Technical Drawings
Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
How To Access: 

XZ1 MS A550 to XZ1 MS A599

This collection is available for viewing on-site in Archival & Special Collections during our regular business hours.