Featured Online Collection: Spooky Reads

Spooky halloween looking image with grey sky, clouds, tree. At a graveyard.

We want to remind you how important it is to take breaks and reward yourself for all the hard work you do. We have developed something that we hope you’ll enjoy, especially during the spooky season, and perhaps it will encourage you to take that break you deserve so much.

Through the library’s website, you have access to a variety of online resources like streaming media, eBooks, cookbooks, and more! We’ve pulled together some that are especially fitting for the spooky season and are good options for celebrating Halloween. Whether you want to try a new fall-inspired recipe, or want to watch a scary movie with your housemates, our new online collection Spooky Reads is worth a browse!


As a current student, faculty, or staff at U of G, you have access to streaming media platforms like Criterion on Demand and Audio Cine, where you can watch feature-length films for free and from the comfort of your own home.

Explore the collection to find movies like:


Some books included in the collection are:


Cookbooks included in the collection are:


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