Featured Online Collection: Winter Reads

This graphic features four photos. Top left: an open book with a mug of hot chocolate and some chocolate, top middle: a platter with heart and star sugar cookies, decorated with pine cones, wooden stars, and cranberries, top right: a stack of open books with a red cup and saucer on top, bottom photo: a wintery outdoor shot with frozen water, rocks, and a glass lantern with a candle in it.

If you’re interested in finding that perfect leisurely read for this winter, you’re in luck!

We are pleased to introduce to you our Online Winter Reads Collection. Go ahead, take a browse!

This collection includes a variety of genres, so no matter what type of book you’re interested in, there’s likely one for you! We hope you’ll take the opportunity to request something you can stay in with, get cozy and read during these winter months.

Some of our favourite titles in this collection include:


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