Although our building is closed, we are still here to support you online. Find out how we can help.
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Where can I find a stapler? (Temporarily unavailable while the building is closed)

  • Staplers can be found on the first floor, next to the printers

Does the library have a lost and found? (Temporarily unavailable while the building is closed)

Can I bring animals into the library?

  • Service dogs are welcome in the library
  • Pets are not permitted

Can I reserve a study space for the semester?

  • Graduate students can reques a study office in the library for one semester per their degree
  • Graduate students can also register for a locker, which are assigned on a semesterly basis
  • For either option, apply in person at the Ask Us Desk during the first week of the semester

How do I book a group study room?

  • Students can book Group Study Rooms in 30 min increments for up to three hours per day. 
  • Rooms are available to book 48 hours in advance. 
  • You can choose from:

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

  • Students, faculty and staff can connect to the Wi-Fi through a laptop or tablet with an 802.11 a/g/n compatible wireless network card (most newer laptops come with this capability built-in) and a University of Guelph central login account.
  • Guests can visit the Ask Us Desk to get a free temporary WiFi access pass

Is food allowed in the library?

  • Yes, except in areas designated for the Archival & Special Collections.
  • We kindly ask if you eat or drink in the library, that you dispose of all trash.
  • Learn more about our Food & Drink Policy

Where are the washrooms?