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Find e-books

Find e-books in Omni

  1. Sign in to Omni.
  2. Type in your search terms.
  3. Find Resource Type on the left side of the page and narrow down your results to Books & e-Books.
  4. Under Availability on the left side of the page click Available Online.
  5. A list of e-books on your topic will be displayed.

E-book collections

E-book collections include specialty collections in all disciplines such as:

Browse all e-book collections.

E-reference books

E-reference books include encyclopedias and dictionaries, such as:

Browse all e-reference books.

E-book FAQs

Do I need special software to use e-books?

You do not normally need special software. 

Can I download e-books?

It depends on the particular publisher. Learn how to download books from these major e-book publishers:

Can I print e-books?

It depends on what the publisher has made available. You can usually print at least a few pages or a chapter of an e-book.

Can I link directly to an e-book?

Yes, many publishers provide the option to create  "permalinks." Instead of using the URL in your browser,  look for an option to create a permalink.


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