Alumni-in-Action Oral History Interviews

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A list of all Alumni-In-Action Oral Histories
Alumni College Grad Yearsort ascending Audio
Martin Bosch CPES 2004
Betty-Anne Stammers Arts 1980
Gary Johnston OAC 1979
Heather Robinson MACS/FACS 1971
Marjorie Wall MACS/FACS 1968 Marjorie Wall interview
J. Edward Freeman OAC 1965
Bert Mitchell OVC 1964 Bert Mitchell Interview
Elizabeth Butler MACS/FACS 1962 Elizabeth Butler Interview
Doreen Fisher MACS/FACS 1961
Peter Ide OVC 1960
Nora Stoskopf MACS/FACS 1959
George Arnold OAC 1959 George Arnold Interview
Donald McKeown OVC 1958 Donald McKeown Interview
Duncan Sinclair OVC 1958 Duncan Sinclair Interview
M. Sparrow OVC 1958 M. Sparrow Interview
Maurice B. Foster OVC 1957
Harry Brightwell OVC 1956 Harry Brightwell Interview
John McGowan OVC 1954 John McGowan Interview
Ray Butler OVC 1954 Ray Butler Interview
J. Bruce Stone OAC 1953 J. Bruce Stone Interview
Gerald Sheeney OVC 1952
Ross Ainslie OVC 1952 Ross Ainslie Interview
Douglas C. Alexander OVC 1952
Gavin Hamilton OVC 1952 Gavin Hamilton Interview
E. Errol Hancock OVC 1952
K. Wes Trenholm OVC 1952
John Bruce Parliament OVC 1952
Ray Long OVC 1952 Ray Long Interview
Jean Steckle MACS/FACS 1952 Jean Steckle interview
Clayton M. (Clay) Switzer OAC 1951 Clay Switzer interview
D. Murray Brown OAC 1951 D. Murray Brown Interview
Harvey Caldwell OAC 1951 Harvey Caldwell interview
John E. Turnbull OAC 1951 John E. Turnbull Interview
J. Alan MacKay OVC 1951
Harold Wright OAC 1951
Ken Murray OAC 1950
Harold Baker OAC 1950 Harold Baker Interview
Kenneth R. Farrell OAC 1950 Ken Farrell interview
Robert Ford OAC 1950
Joan (Belcher) Budd OVC 1950 Joan Budd Interview
Jacob (Jack) Pos OAC 1950 Jacob (Jack) Pos Interview
James Robinson OVC 1950
Arthur E. Ferguson OVC 1950 Arthur Ferguson interview
Stan Young OAC 1949 Stan Young interview
Norm Epps OAC 1949 Norm Epps Interview
Thomas H. Lane OAC 1949 Thomas H. Lane Interview
Robert Murray OAC 1949
Doug Hoffman OAC 1949 Doug Hoffman interview
Jim Hunter OAC 1949
Thomas McEwen OAC 1949
Edward Brubaker OAC 1949 Edward Brubaker Interview
Kenneth Hartin OVC 1949
Herb Pettipiere OAC 1949 Herb Pettipiere interview
Ben Teskey OAC 1949
Dave Adams OAC 1949 Dave Adams Interview
J. Craig Alexander OAC 1949
Everett Biggs OAC 1948 Everett Biggs Interview
Wallace J. (Wally) Knapp OAC 1948 Wallace Knapp interview
George R. McGowan OVC 1947 George R. McGowan Interview
Burt Matthews OAC 1947 Burt Matthews interview
Everett Franklin OAC 1947 Everett Franklin interview
Jack Gallin OAC 1947 Jack Gallin Interview
Bill Tossell OAC 1947 Bill Tossell interview
Clare Rennie OAC 1947 Clare Rennie Interview
Phillip Wilford OAC 1947
Murray Klages OAC 1947
Ross Hay OAC 1945
Julius F. Frank OVC 1945
Robb S. Gowe OAC 1945
Donald R. Cherry OVC 1945 Donald R. Cherry Interview
Russell McDonald OVC 1945
A. W. Hagar OAC 1945 A. W. Hagar Interview
John Wm. (& Betty Jean) Ketcheson OAC 1944
Henry (Hank) Orr OAC 1943 Henry (Hank) Orr
Gordon Bennett OAC 1943 Gordon Bennett Interview
George C. Fisher OVC 1943
James Schroder OVC 1942 James Schroder Interview
Bernard McSherry OVC 1942 Bernard McSherry Interview
Ken Gartley OAC 1942
Thomas D. (Tom) Burgess OAC 1942 Thomas Burgess interview
A. McInroy (Mac) Cuddy OAC 1942 Mac Cuddy interview
Doris Darrach OAC 1942
Don Barnum OVC 1941 Don Barnum Interview
Donald H. Huntley OAC 1941 Donald H. Huntley Interview
Arthur Peppin OAC 1941 Arthur Peppin Interview
Individuals OVC '41 OVC 1941
Art Grubbe OAC 1941 Art Grubbe Interview
Muriel Andrew OAC 1941
James (Jim) McCague OAC 1940 Jim McCague interview
Lloyd Coleman OVC 1940
John W. Munro OAC 1940
John A. Eccles OAC 1940 John Eccles interview
George Atkins OAC 1939 George Atkins Interview
Allen Knight OAC 1939 Allen Knight Interview
Grant Misener OVC 1938
John C. (Jack) Palmer OAC 1938 John C. (Jack) Palmer Interview
Edward H. Garrard OAC 1938 Edward Garrard interview
K.F. Wells OVC 1938
Jay M. Isa OVC 1938 Jay M. Isa Interview
Herb Wright OVC 1938
William F. Mitchell OAC 1938 William Mitchell interview
N. Richard Richards OAC 1938 N. R. Richards interview
Gordon Nixon OAC 1937 Gordon Nixon interview
Francis Jamison Bell OAC 1937 Francis Jamison Bell Interview
Ruth (Baker) and Twink (Baker) MacLean Wright MACS/FACS 1937
Archie D. Thomas OAC 1937
John A. Charlton OVC 1937
R.J. Pinkney OVC 1937
Frank Graham OAC 1937 Frank Graham interview
James A. Henderson OVC 1936
Charles B. Kelly OAC 1936
John E. Moles OAC 1936 John Moles interview
Illary Motzok OAC 1936
Robert M. Landon OAC 1935
J. Calvin Martin OAC 1935
Robert T. Jefferson OAC 1935
Robert Gillan OAC 1935
Ben Case OVC 1935 Ben Case Interview
A. Cameron McTaggart OAC 1935
John E. Reynolds OAC 1935
Charles Webster OAC 1935
Gladstone Ridler OAC 1935
Bruce Teasdale OAC 1934 Bruce Teasdale interview
Ken McPhee OAC 1934
A. William (Bill) Archibald OAC 1934 A. William (Bill) Archibald Interview
Alf Hales OAC 1934 Alf Hales interview
Robert A. Stewart OAC 1933
Fred Jerome OAC 1933 Fred Jerome Interview
W. Harold Minshall OAC 1933 W. Harold Minshall Interview
Gordon Wright OAC 1933
E. R. Bowness OVC 1932
Ernest Kendall OAC 1932
B.D. Young OVC 1932
John Galbraith OAC 1931 John Galbraith Interview
Harold Goble OAC 1931 Harold Goble Interview
Mabel Sanderson MACS/FACS 1931
Jean W. Walker MACS/FACS 1930 Jean W. Walker Interview
Lyman J. Chapman OAC 1930 Lyman Chapman interview
Alan Secord OVC 1929
Ross Cavers OAC 1929 Ross Cavers Interview
Lawrence Kerr OAC 1929 Lawrence Kerr interview
G. H. Collacutt OVC 1929
Jim Baker OAC 1928
George A. McCague OAC 1928 George A. McCague Interview
William P (Bill) Watson OAC 1928
William Attwood (Padre) Young OAC 1926
James Gillies OVC 1926 James Gillies Interview
Jean (Clark) Hamilton MACS/FACS 1926 Jean (Clark) Hamilton Interview
Margaret (Young) Keegan MACS/FACS 1926
Florence Partridge MACS/FACS 1926 Florence Partridge Interview
Archie Rintoul OAC 1926
W.J. Rumney OVC 1925
Gordon Skinner OAC 1924
Jonathan B. Nelson OAC 1924
Harry Hinchley OAC 1923 Harry Hinchley Interview
Ralph McKenzie OAC 1923
Fred Presant OAC 1923 Fred Presant Interview
H.M. Legard OVC 1923
Elliott (Mac) McLoughry OAC 1922 Elliott (Mac) McLoughry Interview
Katherine Beck MACS/FACS 1922 Katherine Beck Interview
Harry Smallfield OAC 1921 Harry Smallfield Interview
Harvey Pettit OAC 1921
Hank Claus OAC 1921
B. Angus Jackson OAC 1920
Wilfred Watson OVC 1919
D.J. McLellan OVC 1917
W.A. Robertson OVC 1916 W.A. Robertson Interview
Ted Mumford OVC 1915
C.A. Mitchell OVC 1914
Angus H. Gregg OAC 1914 Angus H. Gregg Interview
James N. Allan OAC 1914
Clive Rogers OAC 1913
H.A. Taylor OVC 1913
Harvey McEwen OVC 1913 Harvey McEwen Interview
William McEwan OVC 1904
Rochfort Grange OVC 1900
J.G. Rutherford OVC 1879
Mae White (Smith) Friends
C.F. Sider OVC
Edyth Bray Other Edyth Bray Interview
Louisa Brill Other
Sadie Fletcher Other
Murdo MacKinnon Other Murdo MacKinnon interview
Maryon Brechin MACS/FACS Maryon Brechin Interview
John D. MacLachlan Other John D. MacLachlan interview
Earl MacNaughton Other
Dorothy (Lindsley) Walden Other
Janet Wardlaw Other Janet Wardlaw Interview
Sandy Warley Other Sandy Warley Interview
William C. (Bill) Winegard Other Bill Winegard interview
Ella Eddington Other
Elsie Kennedy Other
Flo and Isabel Moore Other Flo and Isabel Moore interview