Connon Collection


Collection of photographs, glass slides, negatives, papers and correspondence of Thomas and John R. Connon, Elora, Ontario.

Thomas Connon was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1832, came to Canada in 1853. He opened his own general store in 1859 offering photographs for sale as part of the business. He married Jean Keith in 1854 and had three children; Elizabeth, John Robert, and Thomas G. He and his son John, who was also a local historian, documented the people and scenery of Elora for seven decades.

Among the devices that the Connons developed for camera work was the first film roll holder and the “panoramic” or “full-circle camera”, which allowed the photographer to take a succession of exposures as the camera revolved horizontally on a turntable.  


17.6 m

Type(s) Of Materials: 
Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
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XR1 MS A113, XR1 MS A115, XR1 MS A320, XR1 MS A332, XR2 MS A069-XR2 MS A070

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