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Regional and Early Campus History Collections

Regional history has been an important collecting area for the Library for many years. The founding of the Ontario Agricultural College in 1874 links the college with one of Guelph's leading citizens, F.W. Stone, whose property provided the original site and building for OAC. The Regional archival resources began in earnest after 1969 with the acquisition of the Hoodless Family Papers and other locally based families and community groups -- especially Scottish -- that had established a relationship with the University or complemented its areas of teaching and research. Some collections such as the Goodwin-Haines, Sleeman, Connon, and John MacIntosh Duff Collections are of provincial and national interest. The Regional collection also includes some documents from the era of the War of 1812

This section also holds a variety of regional family, cultural, and business papers, e.g. the Guelph Spring Festival collection, Rockwood Academy, Edward Johnson, and other important figures. It provides perspectives on the history of the region that are diverse, ranging from items of national significance to small, personal collections.

Early Campus History

These collections are of academic, historic interest and highlight the relationship between "town-and-gown." For many years, after the Massey Library opened in 1903, the Library has collected information about the founding colleges prior to the formation of the University in 1964: OAC, OVC, the Macdonald Institute, and the Federated colleges. Although the Library houses a significant collection of archival and printed materials relating to the history of the campus, there is no official institutional University archive for the subsequent period after 1964.

Campus collections contain information on many Guelph graduates and their activities in student groups. The Alumni-In-Action Oral Histories Collection contains audio recordings of interviews with past Guelph Alumni. OAC records date from 1874 and cover many alumni and student groups. OVC records date from 1862 and include the history of veterinary science as it was practised in Ontario. Macdonald Institute records begin in 1903 and are closely related to the records of Adelaide Hoodless. The OAC, OVC, and Macdonald Institute records do not extend beyond the late-1960s.


Regional and Early Campus History Collections

A list of all Archival & Special Collections Resources
Title Description Dates
Scottish Studies Foundation Minutes, correspondence and other materials relating to the Scottish Studies Foundation 1983-1992
Sleeman Family Collection Materials relating to the Sleeman Family and Brewery in Guelph, Ontario. 1832-2008
Stewart Lumber Limited Collection of correspondence and financial records of Stewart Lumber Limited (Guelph), and a newspaper supplement on Stewart Lumber. 1913-1951
Thompson-Christie Collection Collection of correspondence, business ledgers, newspaper clippings, books, church records and family papers. 1808-1967
Walter J. Pasmore Papers Collection of ledgers, memoranda, business letters, family photographs of Walter J. Pasmore. 1869-1930
Wellington County Project The collection of minutes and tapes of project meetings, grant applications, bibliographies, lists of local library resources. 1841-1977
Wilkinson Family Papers Collection of letters and documents relating to various members of the Wilkinson Family, early Huron Tract settlers in Sandwich, Upper Canada, including correspondence with T. Talbot. 1790-1910, 1989