What are ebooks?

  • Electronic versions of print books 
  • You can read ebooks on a computer or handheld device 

Why use ebooks?

  • U of G Library has access to over 630,000 ebooks. 
  • 24/7 access and use.
  • Search an entire ebook using keywords. 
  • Highlight, make notes and save citations  (Note: Usually, you will need to make an account with the vendor to do this)
  • No late fees! Ebooks will be returned automatically. 

Ebook tips

  • Ebooks can be found in Omni, and in the ebook collections listed below. Narrow your results by selecting "Available Online" under the Availability heading and "Books & eBooks" under the Resource Type heading. 
  • Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID are required to download ebooks onto your device.
  • Every ebook is different.

    • Some have limited copies, others have unlimited copies.
    • Some ebooks have restrictions on viewing, printing, downloading, and copying, cutting, and pasting. These restrictions are created by the person/company who owns the content. They are called Digital Rights Management (DRM) 
  • Publishers add/remove content constantly. Just like Netflix deletes your favorite show without notifying you. 
  • Make a free account on the platforms to highlight, make notes in ebooks and to save citations to view later. 
  • Ebooks may be available in the following formats: PDF, EPUB and HTML 

Tools for Finding ebooks

To see all the ebook collections at U of G Library, search the A-Z Database list and limit Database Types to ebooks.