Data Collection

Web Surveys

We provide advice and technical assistance with the design, creation, and dissemination of surveys using the Qualtrics platform. The Library provides assistance with the following aspects of using Qualtrics Research Suite software:

  • Survey design
  • Question creation
  • Results analysis
  • Course integration

Creating high-quality surveys can be difficult and time-consuming. The Qualtrics platform is intuitive, stable, and powerful, with options for individual or collaborative management of questions and results. Using Qualtrics allows for generating reports and downloading results in a variety of formats, providing opportunities for further analysis and visualisation.

Sign up for a Qualtrics account. All students, staff, and faculty can create a Qualtrics account by logging in using their or account.

We can help you use Qualtrics for teaching and research. For administrative use and all other applications, please contact Qualtrics Support.

For help with surveys, please book an appointment

Help Guides

Field Research Support

We offer advice and technical support for conducting field research, including helping you understand best practices around the access, storage, version control, and preservation of data and documents. We can also set up a private platform for teams or individual researchers for communication and data sharing purposes.

As data management and preservation become part of funding and publishing requirements, the onus is on researchers to ensure that they follow best practices. Having data and documentation that is usable, stable, and preserved means that risks to the research project can be mitigated.