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Book an appointment for advice and information about developing effective strategies and study approaches for different types of courses and for ideas on how to create your Academic Action Plan. Appointments are free and confidential. The topics we address include:

  • Time planning and controlling procrastination
  • Working effectively in groups
  • Thesis completion
  • Preparing for and writing exams, including multiple choice
  • Thesis completion
  • Reading and studying textbooks and scholarly articles
  • Listening and notetaking in lectures
  • Memory and concentration
  • Presentation skills
  • Poster presentations

Appointments are available throughout the year, including during exam periods and between semesters. If you have questions or would like more information, please email us at

Looking for a tutor? We recommend first meeting with us. Sometimes adjusting your study strategies can make a big difference in a course and hiring a tutor is not necessary. If you're sure you'd like to hire a tutor, Tutoring At Guelph maintains a database of student tutors.

Booking an Appointment With Us

  • Go to the WCOnline Appointment booking system
  • If it is your first visit, click "Click Here to Register" at the top of the page and register with your UG email credentials
  • Enter your login credentials and choose a "Study Strategies/Time Management" schedule
  • Click on a white space (indicating a free appointment slot) to select your appointment time
  • From the "New Reservation" pop-up box, fill in the requested details and what you'd like to discuss
  • Click the "Save Appointment" button, and you're done! You'll receive an email confirmation shortly. Please note the consultant's name
  • On the day of your appointment, meet your consultant in the Learning Commons Waiting Area on the 1st Floor of the McLaughlin Library

Having trouble booking an appointment, or have questions about 'studying appointments'? Email us at or ask us.