Access PDFs More Quickly with LibKey Trial

User experience with LibKey:The library is running a trial of LibKey, a tool that provides users quicker access to PDFs, for all users until the end of May. 

For the trial, LibKey has been embedded into EBSCOhost databases. Normally when EBSCOhost displays results for items that it doesn’t host, you will see the “Get it! Guelph” button which directs you to the record in Omni where you have to navigate to a provider that has the PDF link.  

With LibKey, this button will work differently and includes new text that says “Full Text via LibKey Link.” When you click “Get it! Guelph” you will see a direct link to the PDF, eliminating an extra step. 

The images below show how these LibKey features are integrated. 

User experience without LibKey:

Screenshot of a search result in an EBSCO database. The button "Get it! Guelph - Link to full text and related services" is circled.

A resource's details page in Omni, showing there is no direct link to a PDF of the resource.

User experience with LibKey:

 Screenshot of a search result in an EBSCO database. The button "Get it! Guelph - Full Text via LIbkey Link" is circled.

The LibKey landing page for a resource, which shows a link directly to the PDF under Full Text Format Options.

Give us your feedback 

We’d love to know your thoughts on using LibKey! Let us know if this tool made your research easier, or if you ran into any issues by emailing by May 31. 


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