Black History Month Book Display

The theme for Black History Month this year is “Celebrating the Strength and Power of Black Women and Girls.” To capture the spirit of this theme, the library has curated a collection of resources by and about Black women. Stop by the library during the month of February to visit our print book display and choose a book to take home. You can also browse the collection online

These resources capture the wide variety of genres available at the library: poetry and literary fiction, digitized newspapers, academic scholarship, databases, popular novels, and even children’s books. They depict the experiences of Black women and girls - both real, and conceived through the literary imagination. 

Many of these books speak out against the social, political, and economic injustices endured by Black and other women, past and present. Some books imagine worlds in which such injustices no longer exist. 

We hope that library users who don’t often see their stories reflected in academic library collections see them here. We also hope that library users find a book that is new to them and that they are compelled to read. 

Books can be transformational. Find one that speaks to you and help us celebrate the strength and power of Black women and girls at the library!

We also have a Black History Month themed Wikipedia-Edit-A-Thon happening later this month. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please join! Everyone is welcome! 

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