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Digital Literacy at the University of Guelph

Understanding how it affects you and where you can find help

Digital literacy is important for everyone at U of G. Whether you’re a student working on a class project, an instructor creating course material, or a researcher trying to showcase your findings, digital literacy is something we all need. 

What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is the ability of an individual to learn, live and work in a digital society. Being able to interpret information, use digital devices and applications, and learn effectively in a technological environment are just some examples of digital literacy. 

Every person has a different set of goals they want to achieve at a particular time. Students, for example, may be working on developing a podcast for a class project. Whereas an instructor may be wanting to incorporate audio clips into their weekly lecture. Researchers may want to submit their findings to a digital repositoryKnowing how to do these things requires developing digital literacy skillsIf you're looking to integrate digital assignments such as digital storytelling or podcasts—connect with us about using the library's media studio. 

If you’re unsure of how to do something that requires a particular skillset or feel as though you need a general revision of essential skills, let us help

To learn more about how the library can help you with digital literacy, visit our events & workshops page, or email us library@uoguelph.ca.