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Enhance Your Academic Potential – Group Work Focus

Do you have a group project this semester and are looking to strengthen your collaboration skills? This article outlines a variety of online resources to help make your group work a success.

Online Group Work Resources

Create an Online Study Group

This guide is all about creating an online study group  and provides resources that will assist you in communicating your study group goals to other students, advertising your study group, and hosting your study group meetings.

Work on Group Projects

This guide is all about working on group projects  and provides you with information on how to start your group project, make group meetings productive, maintain regular group meetings, and manage group conflict.

Academic Integrity in Study Groups

This guide is all about academic integrity in study groups  and provides you with information about how to maintain academic integrity when you’re sharing ideas and working in a group.

5 Expert Tips for Group Success

This short video provides expert tips on how to work successfully with your group.

Dealing with Group Conflict

Check out this graphic to learn strategies to deal with group conflict when it arises.

How to Give Awesome Feedback

Check out this graphic to learn how to give awesome feedback.

Online Appointments

Book an online appointment to get support about working effectively in groups. These appointments will teach you strategies for working more effectively in groups, including managing conflict, and strengthening your communication and collaboration skills.

Visit our appointment booking page to book a studying appointment.

Upcoming Workshops

Control Academic Stress workshop series

While not group work specific, this workshop series is worth checking out! It was developed to help ease academic stress and offers three live workshops focused on skills that will support you in your academic journey.


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