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Enhance Your Academic Potential – Writing Focus

Are you working on a writing assignment and are not sure where to start? Whether youre choosing a topic or finishing your thesis, we are here to support you. We have a variety of online writing resources and services to support you in reaching your goals.

Online Writing Appointments

Get individualized support from our writing specialists and peers by booking an online writing appointmentAt a writing appointment, you can get feedback on your writing at all stages of the writing process; learn strategies for organizing your ideas and structuring your thesis, papers, and chapters; receive advice on clarity, cohesion, and style, and more.

Visit our appointment booking page to learn more about the types of appointments you can book with us.

Online Writing Workshops

Each semester we host a variety of online workshops designed to support you with your writing assignments. Upcoming workshops with a focus on writing include:

University Life Hack: Writing with the Pomodoro Technique

Join Rebecca, a Writing Support TA with the University of Guelph Library, for a live Pomodoro session to boost productivity, improve focus, and get your writing and work done in the comfort of community of other like-minded studentsAs this workshop is offered multiple times throughout the semester, check the calendar to sign-up for a time that suits your schedule.

But Do You Have a Thesis Statement Tho?: Writing Strong Thesis Statements

This live session will help you construct strong thesis statements while avoiding pitfalls and difficulties that writers commonly experience. Learn more and register.

Undergraduate Writing Camp/Night of the Living Essays

For two nights only, Writing Peers are hosting the first online Undergraduate Writing Camp/Night of the Living Essays event. What can you expect? 20-minute writing workshops on a variety of topics including structuring your essays, writing lab reports, crafting strong thesis statements, writing clearly, avoiding common grammar errors, and getting started on your writing. Learn more and register.

Concision and Precision: A Tour of Techniques for Writing Clearly

At this live workshop, you’ll learn techniques and strategies for writing clearly. Learn more and register.

Self-Directed Academic Writing Style: Writing Style Choices in Sentences

Use these resources asynchronously to learn strategies to help you improve your ability to write academically. Learn more and register.

Self-Directed Writing Tune-up: Grammar

Use the materials from this two-day workshop to learn grammar tips and strategies for your writing. These asynchronous resources are excellent for helping you to improve your own writing skills and to provide more effective feedback for your students’ writing as TAs or faculty. Learn more and register.

Receiving and Incorporating Feedback on Your Writing

As a graduate student, you can expect to spend a significant amount of time rewriting, revising, and restructuring your thesis chapters. Although the prospect of completing multiple drafts and integrating feedback from multiple readers may be intimidating, revision is an essential part of the writing process. This interactive online workshop for graduate students introduces strategies and tools that you can use to address and engage with feedback from your committee as you write and revise your thesis or dissertation. Learn more and register

Self-Directed Brain Food: Graduate Thesis Workshops

Use these workshop materials to learn effective ways to approach your work as a graduate student. Undergraduate students who are writing an Undergraduate Honors Thesis may also attend. Learn more and register.

Dissertation Boot Camp  

Dissertation Boot Camp is a one-week program designed to help graduate students develop effective writing skills and habits to help them finish their theses or dissertations in a timely manner. Deadline to apply for DBC is Oct. 26, 2020. Learn more about DBC and how to apply.

English Language Support

English Language Support is designed specifically for those with English as an additional language (EAL). We offer support for undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, faculty and staff at U of G, including online appointments and programs focused on reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Writing Rooms Online 

Join our online writing rooms on Microsoft Teams and be a part of the U of G writing community. Our writing rooms are quiet online spaces designed to keep writers motivated by writing in the company of others. In the writing room, please mute your microphones. Cameras are optional but encouraged. The chat feature is optional but not private. We recommend that you set a timer for 25-minute writing blocks and 5-minute stretch breaks. There are two online writing rooms: one is for faculty and staff and the other is for all writers at U of G.  

Online Writing Resources and Guides

Write a University Essay

This write a university essay guide provides you with what the expectations are for a university essay.

Cite Your Sources

This cite your sources guide provides you with information on how to cite your sources in a variety of styles and why it is necessary to do so.

Write Lab Reports or Research Reports

This write lab reports or research reports guide provides you with step-by-step instructions for writing a lab or research report.

Interested in other helpful guides?

Visit our topic guides list to find other helpful writing resources, including guides that focus on topics like writing an annotated bibliography, using quotations in essays, writing introductions and conclusions, writing blog posts, grammar, style, and more!


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