Exam Stress Busters Return November 29

A series of events return to the library to help students beat exam stress

Every semester during the exam period, the library hosts several events focused on relaxation and mindfulness. The goal is to get students to step away from their studies for a moment and enjoy an activity that reduces stress. This year is no different—from November 29 to December 14, the library will host a variety of Exam Stress Busters.

This is the seventh year the library is holding these events. “The library began Exam Stress Busters as a way to let students know that the staff at the library really do care about them,” said Victoria Fritz, learning specialist and peer helper supervisor. “I remember what it was like putting ridiculous amounts of time into my studying, and being incredibly stressed about school, so I love being able to give back to the students and let them know how awesome they all are, and to give them even a bit of confidence that they can get through this,” said Fritz.

During the exam period, the library gets noticeably busier as students finish assignments and prep for final exams. The Exam Stress Busters program takes place over the two weeks of final exams and encourages students to take breaks. “There is a lot of research that shows the importance of taking breaks to facilitate learning, and this definitely holds true for studying too! Your brain needs a break in order to absorb information, so why not make it fun,” said Fritz.

The variety of events ensures that each student can find one that suits their needs and their busy schedules. “This year I am most excited for Printing Away Your Problems—our new 3D printer event. I am excited to get to see how it works, and what it can create,” said Fritz. Other Exam Stress Busters include Take a Paws—where students can spend time with therapy dogs, Coffee with a Cop, and Make Your Own Care Package. All events are free and are in the library.

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