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Get Exam Ready with the Library

With exams coming, we know you want to get ready...that’s where we can help! This article outlines helpful strategies, tips, and resources you can use when studying for and writing your exams.

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Manage Your Study Time

Create a study plan!

Ensure you know the format and length of each exam and the percentage of your final grade that each exam is worth. Use the percentage weighting of your exams, your exam schedule, and the amount of material you need to review to help you figure out how much time to study for each course.

Divide your available time.

Plan breaks and free time into your schedule to break up long study sessions.

Don’t forget about flex time!

Keep some daily “flex” time in your schedule — unforeseen things may come up that you will need to allocate time to.

Create a study routine.

If possible, start studying at about the same time every day, and finish studying at the same time. Routines can help you be more focused and productive.

Get Creative!

  • Instead of reading your notes silently, try verbalizing the information out loud or teach the material to someone else.
  • Create visuals and diagrams to help summarize information.
  • Create a concept map or mind map to organize course concepts or emphasize the relationships between concepts.
  • Look for connections. Choose three concepts or terms from your course at random. Can you create a test question or explain how the three ideas are related?
  • Make your own PowerPoint slides about the material you’re learning.

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Book a Studying and Time Management Appointment

If you want some one-on-one guidance or support to develop a strong study plan for exams, consider booking an online studying or time management appointment. At the appointment, you can learn about:

  • How to maintain motivation and stay organized
  • How to be efficient and effective with your studying
  • How to interpret and learn from tests
  • Anti-procrastination strategies
  • And more!

Online Resources

We have so many online resources to help you prepare for all types of exams, including:

Want tips on studying effectively? We have those, too!


Ask us. We’re here to help.