Get Ready for Exams with these Helpful Resources

These resources can help you feel more confident at one of the most stressful times of year

Now that final exams are quickly approaching, it’s time to get prepared! Although the thought of final exams might seem a bit overwhelming, the library has a variety of resources to help you succeed!

Studying Appointments

Did you know that studying appointments are available throughout the year, including during exam periods and between semesters? If you’re feeling like you need better strategies for taking exams, planning your times and controlling procrastination, book a studying appointment!

All appointments are free, confidential, and can be booked online through our appointment booking system!

Exam Specific Library Guides

Does one of your exams have a different layout than you’ve previously experience? The library has created a series of guides that focus on how to effectively study for different types of exams. Learn how to strategically prepare for essay examsavoid anxiety for bell-ringer exams, and more!

These guides can be accessed from anywhere and include a variety of resources that are beneficial when preparing for exams.

Supported Learning Groups

Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) are study groups that are held on a weekly basis to help students in historically challenging courses. These sessions are led by a student who has previously taken the course and have been successful in it. 

Don’t worry if you don’t feel very comfortable with the material—these sessions are designed for everyone in the course. It will help you gain a more in-dept understanding of the course content and test your knowledge prior to exams. 

Want to know if your class has an SLG? Check out the SLG page on our website for session times and further information!

Exam Stress Busters

It’s important to take breaks during exam time and you can do so at the library! From November 29, 2018 to December 14, 2018, we’re hosting Exam Stress Busters—a series of events that will serve as breaks for you. Events like Coffee with a Cop, Take A Paws, and Make Your Own Care Package (among others) are happening at the library.  

Make sure you look at our Workshops & Events page to register for Exam Stress Buster Events, and to see what else is happening this semester!