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When thinking back to last semester…what went right? What could’ve gone better? Perhaps you were hoping for less procrastination, increased time management skills, and stronger study habits. If you’d like some support in establishing and achieving your academic goals, the Academic Action Program may be for you.

The Academic Action Program is a free program that provides participants with the opportunity to meet with an academic coach three to six times throughout the semester with the aim to build and implement a realistic and comprehensive academic action plan. Academic action plans are tailored to your unique needs and provides a structured approach to balancing academics with other aspects of life.

By participating in the Academic Action Program, you will learn how to apply your personal strengths in an academic context and how to confidently achieve your goals for the semester. “My academic coach helped me keep on track with my studies and showed me ways to deal with procrastination,” said a student involved in the program.

Apply for a spot in the Academic Action Program for the winter 2020 semester before space fills up – there are a limited number of spots available.

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