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Join us for Fair Dealing Week 2019

Every day, U of G students, faculty, and staff benefit from the fair dealing exception in Canada’s Copyright Act. It’s something that likely doesn’t cross our minds, but we ought to be aware of just how crucial it is to our daily activities. 

This year, the library has decided to put together events that help highlight the importance and necessity of fair dealing to celebrate Fair Dealing Week. Come to the library to gather information, attend a talk, or have a conversation with our knowledgeable staff. 

What talks are happening this year?

Fair Dealing at Copyright’s Crossroads – a talk by Carys Craig, associate dean, Research & Institutional Relations and associate professor, Osgoode Hall Law School. This talk will look at the evolution of the fair dealing law and users’ rights in Canada, as well as the implications of recent developments (including Access Copyright vs. York University) on higher education institutions. 

Fearing Fair Dealing? Taking the mystery out of using copyrighted works fairly – a talk by Heather Martin, U of G’s Copyright Officer, and manager, e-Learning & Reserves at McLaughlin Library. This talk will help you better understand what is fair (and legal) when copying and sharing content and leave you feeling confident! 

A Week without Fair Dealing Spotlight Board

We’ve put together several examples of regular things people do every day that would change if the fair dealing exception was no longer available. Check it out on the first floor of the library and see how it would affect you! Then, head on over to the table on the first floor and help us fill in the blanks! We want to hear your stories! 

For more information about Fair Dealing Week or Fair Dealing in general, please contact Heather Martin at martin@uoguelph.ca