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Keep your Library Account Secure

Your U of Guelph Central Login (@uoguelph.ca login and password) gets you access to a lot of very important resources, like your UG email address, Web Advisor, and CourseLink, as well as your Library Account and also grants you off-campus access to the mulitude of online resource your Library subscribes to. 

It's important to keep your Central Login secure: the University will never contact you and ask for your login and password. If you receive an email that seems fishy, contact the CCS helpcentre through one of their known contact methods: 

  • Call extension 58888
  • Email 58888help@uoguelph.ca
  • Drop by the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the Library

The same is true for the barcode number on the bottom of your student card. Both the black and white lines, as well as the number starting 2118800, should be treated just like a login and password. Your Library uses your barcode to help you quickly check out materials.

Your Library will never email you and ask you for your U of G login/password, or barcode number. Also before entering your login credentials for a website claiming to be the Library, double-check the website address in the top bar to ensure it is from either lib.uoguelph.ca or uoguelph.ca. If you suspect something fishy, please contact your Library via one of our known contact methods:

  • Call extension 53617
  • Email Library@uoguelph.ca
  • Drop by the Ask Us Desk on the first floor of the Library

Stay safe!