Library Launches Two Student Experiential Learning Exhibits

The library is excited to announce two new exhibits that focus on Lucy Maud Montgomery, Scottish chapbooks, and art prints. These exhibits were curated by students enrolled in the University Collaborative Experiential Exhibition (UCEE) program under the supervision of Dr. Christina Smylitopoulos in partnership with library staff. 

The following exhibits will be on display from January 23 to April 9, 2017 in McLaughlin Library:

Texts & Textiles: The Legacy of Lucy Maud Montgomery

This exhibit explores the intersections of textiles and narratives in the works of Canadian novelist, Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942). The materials on display including lace, quilts, clothing, photographs, and early editions of her novels were drawn from the University of Guelph Library’s Lucy Maud Montgomery Collection, which is housed in Archival & Special Collections.  

Curated by: Desiree Scholtz, (Student, History and Art History), as part of a University Collaborative Experiential Exhibition (UCEE) project supervised by Dr. Christina Smylitopoulos (Art History). Helen Salmon (Librarian, Information Resources), Ashley Shifflett McBrayne (Library Associate, Archival & Special Collections), Melissa McAfee (Special Collections Librarian), and Mary Rubio (Emeritus Professor, English).

Prints & Pages: Fables & Narratives in Art and Chapbooks

This exhibit will examine the powerful role of a variety of images through the mediums of 19th century Scottish chapbooks and prints created by 19th and 20th century artists, including Marc Chagall, Francisco Goya, and Pablo Picasso. The materials on display were drawn from the Library's Scottish Studies Collection and the School of Fine Art and Music's Bachinski/Chu Print Study Collection, which is housed in Zavitz Hall.

Curated by: Peter Flannery (Student, Art History) and Kristyn Pacione (Student, Anthropology) as part of an University Collaborative Experiential Exhibition (UCEE) project under the supervision of Dr. Christina Smylitopoulos (Art History).

For more information, please contact:

Melissa McAfee, Special Collections Librarian -, extension 58928