Study Spaces for Final Exams

Top spaces to study to fit your needs!

Exams can be a busy time for everyone and finding a study spot in the library can be challenging sometimes. It’s important to find a space where you will be the most productive and relaxed during this time.

Independent Study Floors

Need some peace and quiet to study effectively? We understand—so we’ve placed independent study carrels throughout the library. They can be found on all quiet floors—that means the second, third, fifth, sixth floors, as well as the lower level. Over the summer, the last of the old study carrels were removed and replaced with new ones.

Each carrel has a light, a three-prong outlet, and two USB outlets—no need to worry about sitting at a carrel that doesn’t have power. Most carrels have walls surrounding it to combat visual distractions—making it ideal for people studying independently.

We also have a variety of other seating options available on theses floors. Whether you need soft seating to be more comfortable, or a standing desk—you can find it at the library.

Although these areas are Quiet Study floors throughout the year, during exams it becomes particularly important to respect and support the quiet study policies. Only brief, very quiet conversations are permitted in these areas.

Group Study Floors

The library has two group study floors—the first floor and the fourth floor. These areas have large tables for group collaborations and study sessions. These floors are design so students can connect and share what they have learned. Discussion on these floors is encouraged!

Study Rooms

If a quiet place for collaboration is necessary, try the group study rooms. Most of these rooms are located on the sixth floor of the library, where you can find 2-person, 4-person, and 5+ person study rooms. However, some are located on other floors as well. These rooms are not to be used by individuals and users must follow the same etiquette as the floor they are located on.

These rooms are designed for quiet group work and can help ease distractions while studying. All group study rooms are booked online for up to 3 hours per day. They are available to book up to 48 hours in advance.

If you see someone using a study room improperly, please let the Ask Us Desk know so a library staff can respond accordingly.

Happy studying, Gryphons!