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University of California Splits from Elsevier

On February 28, 2019, the University of California (UC) announced the end of its relationship with publishing giant Elsevier, when a deal between the two could not be met. The reasoning behind the split ultimately comes down to the fact that Elsevier was unwilling to renew UC’s contract under the terms and conditions UC wanted—ensuring that the research produced by the University of California “would be immediately available to the world, without cost to the reader,” as stated in an official release from the UC Office of the President.

UC is a leader in the open access movement and showed as much by not renewing its subscription with Elsevier. One of the UC’s goals is to enable higher education institutions in the United States to move away from paywall publishing to open access publishing; a direction that Europe has been moving toward for some time now. By taking a stand, UC is showing how universities can create change in the scholarly journal publishing industry and provide greater access to information at no cost.

Learn more about this issue from the Canadian Research Knowledge Network and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, who put out a collective news release on the matter, in support of UC taking a firm stand for openly available research.

If you’re interested in going open, but are not sure where to start, learn more about open scholarship supports at U of G. Watch our video about Why Open Education Matters

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