Faculty Writing Retreat

Are you trying to find time to work on an article or book chapter? Join us for the annual Faculty Writing Retreat.

Each summer, the Library hosts this free, five-day retreat on campus for University of Guelph faculty and staff working on scholarly writing projects. You will be provided with a quiet, comfortable, fully wired space, as well as focused time in which to write.

The retreat will offer an opportunity to build a supportive writing group with colleagues from across the university and to join in group discussions on writing and publishing. Individual consultations will also be available.

To participate, you must be faculty or staff working on a specific writing project and be at a stage at which focused writing time makes sense (i.e., finished your research). Participants must also be able to attend all five days of the retreat.

When Will the Next FWR be Offered?

May 2019

How to Register:

Register online through the Library Events Calendar.

Registration will be limited to a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration opens Winter 2019.

If you have any questions, Ask Us.


“This is one of the best weeks of my year. Seriously. I will come back every year. I would LOVE if you had them three times a year.”

“The combination of colleagues around you who are all working on their writing, learning from their challenges and successes, excellent facilitation and teaching about relevant skills and tools - it all adds up to a productive, supportive space where I broke through some 'stuckness' and achieved my ambitious goals for the week.”

“My book chapter is on track.  It has a structure with detailed notes for each section and subsection.”

“The project workshop had excellent content. I wonder if this could be offered as a stand alone workshop at the beginning of each term to help faculty plan their semester.”

“It was my first retreat, and surpassed my expectations. I am most grateful for this learning space - the discipline of order and silence, and the support of community, seems to unleash creativity for me.”

“This was a wonderful little writing bubble and I accomplished way more than I would have elsewhere.”