Academic Town Square

Increasingly, the Library is becoming the Academic Town Square within the University environment, building on the traditional role of academic libraries as place where knowledge and thought from across the university's academic disciplines can meet, be debated, be preserved, and be celebrated. This means not only committing to meet the academic needs of the students, but providing an environment that will challenge them, provoke thought and dialogue and strengthen their social framework.

 Academic Town Square events have included:

  • A reading by an award winning author to help celebrate black history month
  • A Human Library event which allowed students, faculty and staff to take out human "Books" that are actually people who belong to groups that are often typecast, prejudiced, or subject to misunderstanding
  • An Open Forum event wherein a panel made up of students, faculty and staff engaged in an interactive dialogue on copyright issues with Library users
  • An annual Campus Author wine and cheese reception, that celebrates books written by our faculty, students, and staff
  • An annual "What's Cooking in the Archives?" event showcases recipes found in the Archives’ cookbook collection by using modern and local ingredients

By providing a physical place where ideas and issues from many different disciplines can be explored and presented, and where learning and intellectual curiousity can be satisfied, the Library continues to re-affirm its historical origins and centrality within its scholarly community. The University of Guelph celebrated its 50th year in 2014. In recognition and celebration of that milestone, the University is launching a major capital campaign. When we reach our campaign goals, funding will be available to help the Library renovate its space with a view to creating improved space for our Academic Town Square events, better feature our Archival and Special Collections, and improved facilities and space for our Learning Commons.

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