Academic Action Program

The Academic Action Program is no longer accepting applications for Winter 2018.However, you can book an appointment at any itme during the semester to dsicuss your academic goals, create a study plan, or develop strategies to enhance your learning.

What is the Academic Action Program?

  • A free program for all students
  • Meet with your academic coach 3-6 times throughout the semester to build and implement a realistic academic action program tailored to your needs
  • A holistic approach to student life that balances academics and the rest of your life

Why Should I Take Part in the Academic Action Program?

Work with your Academic Coach to achieve your academic goals and see results in efficiency, effectiveness, and achievement by:

How Do I Get Started? 

  • Not interested in committing to a semester-long program? Please book an appointment instead 
  • Please note that spots are limited; apply today 


  • Ask Us if you have questions about the Academic Action Plan