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Electronic Reference

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Bank of Canada Currency Converter
Conversion of over fifty foreign currencies to and from Canadian dollars. Rates updated each business day.
Classic 164 Currency Converter
"Currency conversion for 160 currencies from Jan.1, 1990 onward."
Currencies of the World
From UBC, this page lists daily exchange rates and the symbols and subdivisions of currency.
Exhange Rates
Create tables or graphs of the world's exchange rates.
Globe Legal Tender
Alphabetical list of the world's national banks and the names of their currencies.
INFO FOREX: Information for Online Currency Traders
A foreign exchange portal which provides links to currency exchange rates, news, markets, charts, banks and a glossary.
International Bank Note Society
Formed in 1961, the IBNS is a non-profit organization set up to promote information about the world's paper currencies. Also provides a link to Ron Wise's World Paper Money site, a photo gallery of over 10, 000 scanned currencies.
Money - Past, Present & Future
From the University of Exeter, this site provides "Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and Electronic Money."
RATES: Currency Resources on the Net
"RATES services include foreign exchange rate data, an exchange rate convertor, and summary information on currency trends and movements. This site also provides many useful links to currency resources elsewhere on the Internet."
Universal Currency Convertor
Currency conversion for 180+ currencies. Provided by Xenon Labs.


Finance Sites Market Data
Find daily and historic information on stocks, rates and bonds, currencies, funds, commodities. Also provides an economic calendar.
Canadian Financial Network
"Gateway to over 6,000 international online financial resources."
Ohio State University's Finance Library
Provides links to many quality finance sites on the Web.


Stock Exchanges

London Stock Exchange
Daily London Stock Exchange information.
Montreal Stock Exchange
Daily Montreal Stock Exchange information.
New York Stock Exchange
Daily New York Stock Exchange information.
Stock & Commodity Brokers Search Engine
From Brokers Search, stock and commodity brokers are listed by country.
Stock Exchanges Worldwide Links
Links to major stock exchanges across the world.
Tokyo Stock Exchange

Daily Tokyo Stock Exchange information.

TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)
Includes the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TSX Markets and TSX Datalinx.
World Federation of Stock Exchanges
Find information and statistics about world-wide stock exchange activity.


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