Self registration

From here you can:

  • Test to see if your Library barcode number is active and valid;
  • Register for a Library account.

Your Library barcode number is on your university photoID card.


You're automatically validated. You don't need to do anything unless you're having trouble using your barcode number on this site. If that's so, you can test your barcode number here, and we'll tell you if it has been activated.


If you are new to the university and/or have not used the library before, validate your barcode number here.


If you've lost your university photoID card and have been issued a new one, and it doesn't work on this site, validate your new barcode number here.

After you have submitted your barcode here or at the Library circulation desk, it may take 2 business days for us to process your request. After 2 business days, you can log in for off-campus access to the Library.

Check Your Account

Please enter your U of G central login ID.
Please enter your U of G central login password.
On your U of G photo ID card.

No Central Login Account?

If you don't have a Central Login Account:

  • You can get one from CCS.

    While you're waiting for that, bring your university photoID card to the Library's Circulation Desk and we'll activate your library account. After 2 business days, you should be able to log in to your library account.