Working with Data

Find & Collect Data

  • Find the datasets you need for your assignment, research project, thesis, or dissertation
  • Create your own survey using Qualtrics
  • Learn how to collect data from the web using web scraping and APIs

GIS & Maps

  • Find and analyze geospatial data
  • Create maps using ArcGIS

Clean & Prepare Data

  • Identify and fix errors and inconsistencies
  • Sort, filter, and tansform data from into usable formats

Data Analysis

  • Select and use the right statistical software for your needs
  • Understand statistical tests
  • Analyze qualitative or quantitative data
  • Design experiments
  • We support R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Nvivo

Data Visualization

  • Create a chart, table, graph, or infographic
  • We can provide helpful critiques of your visualizations
  • Learn to use Tableau, Excel, Gephi, R, Voyant, and others

Please note: If you need help acquiring or installing software, visit the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) supported products page.